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District Water Use Information

As a member of the NSLRWCD, you may have been able to take part in the limited ability of the NSLRWCD to provide surface water for irrigation purposes.

In order to continue providing surface water through NSLRWCD facilities to constituents for irrigation use, the NSLRWCD is required to obtain a South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) Water Use permit. You may have previously received correspondence from SFWMD further describing Water Use requirements specific to your property.

In an effort to serve the landowners who have historically utilized surface water benefits, the NSLRWCD Board of Supervisors has elected to formally apply to SFWMD as a Diversion and Impoundment System to continue this water use. This application has been submitted and is currently under review by SFWMD. If you obtain surface water from NSLRWCD facilities you will be required to establish your water use right by either of the following:

• Become part of the NSLRWCD Water Use permit as a Dependent User, or
• Obtain your own permit from SFWMD as an Independent User.

In either case, you will need to have an agreement with the NSLRWCD for withdrawal of surface water from NSLRWCD facilities (Application to Connect to or Use NSLRWCD Facilities for Water Use Purposes). Links to this agreement and instructions are provided below for your use. A $100 processing fee will be required with your agreement. Please be aware that any permit issued previously by NSLRWCD for water withdrawal will no longer be sufficient to maintain your water use rights through NSLRWCD.

Please be aware that the NSLRWCD application to SFWMD for Water Use addresses surface water only. This application does not involve the permitting of wells. Water Use from wells is permitted by SFWMD, with exemptions described follows:

• Well use at single family or duplex residences for domestic purposes are exempt from SFWMD permit requirements and are not included in this process.
• All well uses, except the residential use described above, must coordinate with SFWMD directly for permitting requirements and are not covered under this application.

Also, please be aware that any surface water use through NSLRWCD facilities that is not under agreement with NSLRWCD will be considered un-permitted activity and may be subject to any rules, regulations and penalties of the SFWMD.

Should you have any questions or comments please check our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please contact:

Tom McGowan or Patrick Helms, NSLRWCD Engineers, at 561-684-3375 or tom.mcgowan@aecom.com or patrick.helms@aecom.com.

Application to Connect to or Use NSLRWCD Facilities for Water Use Purposes

Application Instructions

Sample Form Introduction
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