Providing Drainage, Flood Control and Water Management Since 1918

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The North St. Lucie River Water Control District (NSLRWCD) was originally created in 1918 under the provisions of Chapter 298, Florida Statutes, commonly referred to as the General Drainage Law of Florida. The NSLRWCD is responsible for drainage, flood control and protection, water management and reclamation of lands within NSLRWCD boundaries. The NSLRWCD owns, operates and maintains works for water management and regulates their use by others. The water management system generally includes a network of approximately 200 miles of canals, and associated pumps and water control structures. The NSLRWCD is located within St. Lucie County Florida, and current NSLRWCD boundaries encompass roughly 65,000 acres.

Water Use Within NSLWCD

With limited capabilities, the NSLRWCD has historically provided surface water within canals for irrigation use by landowners.
In order to continue providing surface water through NSLRWCD facilities to constituents for irrigation use, the NSLRWCD is required to obtain a South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) Water Use permit. Any landowner who obtains surface water from NSLRWCD facilities will be required to establish their water use right  through this permitting process.
  For more information on Water Use Permitting within the NSLRWCD, please click here.

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